Kirkwood, Backcountry, Avalanches, and Hot dogs.


    Kirkwood is starting our season off with the deepest base. They just announced that they now have 100″ of base to start off the season. This is just what we need to re coupe from last years drought. There is more snow expected this weekend and into next week. Check out the Weather Discussion for more information on weather updates.  Also if you decide to venture out into the back country this week/weekend, please be aware of the snow-pack conditions. The Sierra Avalanche Center is stating that today there is a CONSIDERABLE danger for avalanches. Tonight and into tomorrow they are calling for a HIGH risk of widespread avalanche danger across the region. If you plan on going out in the BC make sure you are prepared. A couple of things to to remember when preparing yourself  is to make sure you have the proper equipment and it functions correctly. Also make sure you pack with the proper layers as well as have food and water, beacons/ probes/ airbags and the knowledge to use the equipment. Never go out alone in the back country! For information about what to expect in the way of avalanches and how to prepare yourself check out the SAC website, . Get outside, have fun, and be safe! HOT DOG!

Dave Mateo Kengarden Tour Tahoe

Dave Mateo is an amazing person! He is so easy going, he’s one of those people you feel like you’ve known your whole life. He was killing it all day, very entertaining to watch. His movements with the Kendama are impressively fluid and consistent. Check out this quick clip of him…and look out for more Kengarden edits on their way.