Lib Tech NAS Pipe Skis 35% Off

The Pipe NAS, This ski is so surprizing, with the magna traction edge you can hold on to your speed goin into the park, pipe or rail. This is the ski that Mike wlson was skiing on at sierra at tahoe when I film him…..check it out, and then check out the killer sale we’re having on the Lib Tech NAS Pipe Skis $454.00 plus FREE SHIPPING

Mike Wilson’s twin freestyle NAS with a speed focus. A little narrower and a little longer for pipe and power freeriding.
Magne-Traction: Smooth riding! Turns ice into shave ice!
Correct Sandwich: Low spin weight!
Beans: Bio-Plastic top skin: Tough, light, and made from beans!
Ultra High Molecular Weight P.E. Spped Walls: Tough! Great wax retention.
Anvi-Tech Damping Layer: Dampening!
NASKAR: Narrow-Ass Snowboard Kontrolled Active Response, Cores from hand-selected dead trees.
Quasi-Isotropic Fiberglass Power Layers: Strength, power, and pop!
Steel (Metal) Edges OTB: On The Bottom. Coming in hot!
Sintered UHMW Base: Fast!
Pro Set Up Stance Reference: What Mike and Colby ride.

Size: Contact [cm]: Side Cut [m]: Waist [cm]: Nose/Tail [cm]:
166 136 17 MTX 8.4 11.3/10.8
173 144 18 MTX 8.5 11.7/11.1
Sold in Pairs.