2012 Smith I/O Goggle & Transport Helmet Review

Smith I/O Goggles
Inspired by rimless fashion eyewear and driven by the need for interchangeable goggle lens technology, the I/O brings full interchangeability and a sleek rimless design aesthetic to the Spherical Series. Style and performance, perfectly integrated.

+ Medium Fit
+ Quick Release Lens System
+ Spherical, Carbonic-X Lens with TLT Optics
+ Patented Vaporator Lens Technology with Porex™ Filter
+ Includes Two Performance Mirror Lenses
+ Ultra-Wide, Silicone Backed Strap
+ QuickFit Strap Adjustment System with Clip Buckle
+ Dual Layer, DriWix Face Foam
+ Helmet Compatible
+ Includes Microfiber Goggle Bag with Replacement Lens Sleeve






Smith Transport Helmet
Never before has technology this advanced been brought to the masses. The all-new Transport utilizes Hybrid In-Mold technology to minimize mass and maximize ventilation without sacrificing one ounce of protection or style. Patents pending.


+ Removable Goggle Lock
+ Low-Profile Regulator Adjustable Climate Control
+ X-Static Performance Lining
+ Snapfit SL Ear Pads
+ AirEvac 2 Ventilation
+ Hybrid In-Mold Construction
+ Adjustable Boa® Fit System
+ 16 Vents
+ Skullcandy™ Audio Systems Available




+ Small 51-55 cm
+ Medium 55-59 cm
+ Large 59-63 cm
+ X-Large 63-67 cm

WEIGHT: 16 oz / 450 grams

Merry Whatever! We wish you a politically correct December…

67% Prefer Merry Christmas while 26% Opt for Happy Holidays
Thursday, November 22, 2007
As the holiday season begins, 67% of American adults like stores to use the phrase “Merry Christmas” in their seasonal advertising rather than “Happy Holidays.” A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just 26% prefer the Happy Holidays line.

There is no gender gap on this question and few demographic differences. From a politically partisan perspective, 88% of Republicans prefer “Merry Christmas” while just 57% of Democrats favor the saying.

The poll says … Merry Christmas!
By Michelle Healy, USA TODAY November 30th 2009
If you think greetings such as “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” are poor substitutes for “Merry Christmas,” you’ve got company.
A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday finds that 69% of adults surveyed say “Merry Christmas” is the greeting they most likely would use this time of year when first meeting someone. That’s up from 56% in 2004. Only 29% would opt for “Happy Holidays,” down from 41% in 2004.

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Smith Holt Audio Helmet

Smith Holt audio

Smith Holt audio helmets, are the bomb! The best function and style can be found in Smith helmets.From the skate park to the terrain park, the Holt has you covered with a smooth style and a year-round convertible pad kit.
+ AirEvac design maximizes helmet and goggle airflow to reduce fogging and control temperature
+ Convertible Pad Kit for year round use
+ Bombshell ABS Construction
Skullcandy Single-Shot:
+ Skullcandy Single-Shot audio system allows for hands free music listening. The included standard audio jack makes the connection perfect for MP3 players, Cod players, and cassette decks. The system comes complete with a removable connection cord and adjustable cord.
Traditional Sizing:
+ X-Small 52-54cm
+ Small 54-56cm
+ Medium 56-58cm
+ Large 58-60
+ X-Large 60-62cm