In Search of Smokin Snowboards – “The Factory Tour”

Smokin Snowboards from Bob Daly on Vimeo.

What can I say about Jay Quintlin…He showed up at our shop back in 1990, and submitted an impressive resume of his snowboarding abilities. He was  like the east coast counter part to Jimmy Halopoff who had just won the California series. So we gave him a spot on the Shoreline team. If you recall Jimmy back in the day he was a bit wild, and would often have a little to much to drink and turn into Rocky Balboa. These antics we’re captured in the now classic “Whiskey” videos.
So if you thought the East coast Rappers vs the West coast rappers was over the top, It was East vs West Snowboarders that First went to blows. To make matters worse, poor Jay was way out numbered. There was kind of a make shift gang of South Lake Tahoe Snowboarders known as “The South Shore Posse” Just add Alcohol, and there was a good chance something stupid would happen. So being a bunch of insecure, overly competitive Snowboarders they did  what made perfect sense to them at the time, They showed up at Jay’s house one day and packed up his belongings and ran him out of town. for real, this is the wild west and South Lake just wasn’t big enough for Jimmy and Jay….I only recall bits and pieces of this event, so those of you with more details feel free to add comments or correct my bad memory.
It was sometime later that Jay took on the nick name “Smokin Jay” I think it has something to do with how fast he left South Lake….or may-be women thought he was Hot! but in either case Smokin Jay continued his wild west adventure on the North shore of Lake Tahoe where the peaceful, fun loving locals excepted him as one of their own. It was there that Jay started making snowboards. Smokin Jay Snowboards humble beginnings 14 years ago started in a round about way on the Shoreline Snowboard team…..kind of…well I’m sure we helped with the nick name at least… Now simply called “Smokin Snowboards” Jay has built up his board’s demand by mirroring some of the characteristics found in boards made at the Mervin Manufacturing factory.
All kidding aside, I m very proud of Jay’s Success, American Made products are the best. I like what he has done, and we’re very happy to be selling his boards here at Shoreline of Tahoe. Let me take this time to apologize for the rough time you endured by a few locals, who didn’t realize how big snowboarding would become. The funny thing is many of those individuals have also made their mark in the snowboard industry, so I know forgiveness is part of the Dysfunctional family known as the Snowboard industry.