Shoreline of Tahoe Laborday Weekend Sale is going on NOW

Why wait, come on in now for the best selection and lowest prices on the previous years ski and snowboard equipment. The Laborday week end sale will be in the parking lot Saturday, Sunday and Monday so shopping will be easier on that weekend, but if you have he time, stop in anytime to shop because the mark downs are already in effect. Check out older small and medium snowboard bindings for free with the purchaceof any new 2012 Snowboard. The some small bindings are on sale for 70% off. See ya here.

2011 Transworld “Good Wood” awards

Shoreline of Tahoe picks many of the same snowboards that win the good wood awards. After a summer spent pouring over spreadsheets, the only downside to getting to test out hundreds of new boards, the results of TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Good Wood board test are in and the winners were announced in the new Buyer’s Guide.

Here’s a breakdown of this season’s top 40 boards by category:
Lib tech

Merry Whatever! We wish you a politically correct December…

67% Prefer Merry Christmas while 26% Opt for Happy Holidays
Thursday, November 22, 2007
As the holiday season begins, 67% of American adults like stores to use the phrase “Merry Christmas” in their seasonal advertising rather than “Happy Holidays.” A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just 26% prefer the Happy Holidays line.

There is no gender gap on this question and few demographic differences. From a politically partisan perspective, 88% of Republicans prefer “Merry Christmas” while just 57% of Democrats favor the saying.

The poll says … Merry Christmas!
By Michelle Healy, USA TODAY November 30th 2009
If you think greetings such as “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” are poor substitutes for “Merry Christmas,” you’ve got company.
A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday finds that 69% of adults surveyed say “Merry Christmas” is the greeting they most likely would use this time of year when first meeting someone. That’s up from 56% in 2004. Only 29% would opt for “Happy Holidays,” down from 41% in 2004.

Never Call “Last Run”

Shoreline Trying to keep you Safe on the hill…this really works, now people are getting hurt on the second to last run of the Day! Our injury prevention team is now working on a plan to stop the growing number of injuries that now occur on the second to last run of the day. We may soon have to skip the last two runs of the day or better yet just stay home and read the Shoreline Blog all day long and we’ll tell what it is like to Snowboard.

Ask the Rider – Live Twitter Interview with MFR – Win Bindings

Ask Marie-France Roy

Ask Marie-France Roy

Marie-France Roy or MFR for short has carved a couple hours out of her schedule to sit down for the next live Rome SDS Ask the Rider Twitter Interview this Friday, October 16th.

Aside from being one of the nicest most easy going people you could hope to meet, MFR pretty much kills it on a snowboard. Dropping new stuff every season and still in her prime, she’s already put together one hell of a resume. When you look at some of the stuff she’s been up to, it’s enough to make any sideways slider jealous.

The questions are up to you. How was filming the Team Shoot Out? How was filming with Absinthe this past season? Any good stories from your recent trip to Japan? Would you consider dating a guy that isn’t as good as you at snowboarding (also known as 99.99% of the male snowboarding population)?

Really ask whatever you want, and as an added bonus, we’ll be hooking up one lucky question-tweeter with their choice of a new pair of Strut or United bindings.

Here’s how it will work: ?

1 Log on to Twitter at the designated time
2. Submit your question in the “What Are You Doing?” box
3. End your question with a #Rometeam
4. MFR will fire back his answers to your questions

So if you need some tips on back fives, need MFR’s opinion on your Haloween costume this year, her thoughts on the new Lo-Fi 1985, or are just looking for some gardening advice, make sure to hit up the Rome Twitter account during the following times and she’ll get back to you in real time.

3-5 Eastern?
2-4 Central
1-3 Mountain
12-2 Pacific

Stay tuned to and for more updates on the happenings of the Rome SDS.