Early Snow in Tahoe….Big winter ahead

first snow in Tahoe

Picture taken 7:30am October 3rd 2009

This is a very good sign that Tahoe will be getting an early start on winter. Last night we received 4 inches of snow, not the wet sloppy stuff, it was cold. It is now a race to see who will open first. These are the three best bets Kirkwood, Heavenly or Boreal ridge. Heavenly has the most Snow making equipment, Boreal has the a lot of snow making equipment too, and a very high evelation, and Kirkwood has some snow making and always the best weather pattern for natural snow fall. This year I’m feeling Boreal, they are known to open up for a quick weekend, even if they end up closing for a few weeks till more snow comes. Boreal also loves to throw Halloween Parties, so get you costume ready, wax you stuff, because it looks like a zombie winter!

Pictures from the Buckle up big air

This is one of the best events to check out, lots of good skiing and snowboarding. The Buckle up big air, is a contest that pays tribute to Greg Smith, who lost his life in a car accident. The message is simple, don’t forget to buckle up!