Norco Vixa is the sweetest women’s mountain bike

The Norco Vixa is designed by Darcy Turenne. She made it for women who want to ride a light, fast, and agile bike, but still want the downhill suspension. I just bought it and I can’t stop thinking about it , it’s my new love or lust can’t tell yet, but what I can tell is that the Vixa has taken my riding to a different level already. Before it was a struggle for me to even lift a bike with suspension and now I find myself lightly pre-loading with little effort and I am going higher and further in the air. The low stand over height has already saved my butt in a couple of situations. The components on it are really good, the Avid Juicy hydraulic brakes are smooth and plush through the Tahoe sandy turns and the Sram shifters are really easy to use. Also, the Marzocchi 55 fork is lockable from 120 to it’s max suspension of 160!! This is really nice for the commute to work. Because the bike is so light and is lockable it makes it an easy peddler up hill too, I noticed a big difference. The colors are a plus too, but be careful the bling factor is an eye catcher and a conversation piece, so if you don’t like the attention I suggest going in a few mud puddles before going in public. For any girl who wants to go anywhere, do anything, and still keep up with the guys, the Norco Vixa is the choice bike on the market.

Slow Rollers Poker Run & Show ‘n Shine 2009

Slow Rollers Poker Run & Show ‘n Shine
When: 06.14.09
Where: The Tudor Pub, South Lake Tahoe

Best (one day) event of the year. Ride your showbike in the Poker Run (events have been combined, times are tough)! Participants will judge (real judges were laid off) for Best in Show. Winner gets a chrome barstool from Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, if it’s not being used. Pay cash for a raffle ticket (tight credit market) and win a drylander’s longboard from Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Winner of the Best Hand in Poker Run wins a red and gold OM Flyer 26″ BMX bike from SE Racing worth $800 U.S. smackaroos or 1068 cans of economically viable Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer that you can ride to Earth Day next year. …you can ride the bike, not the beer. …you put the beer in the stomach so you don’t have to put the gas in the tank of a car made by a bankrupt car company.