Splitboarding 101

Gnu Billy Goat C2BTX Split Board
Temple’s Freeride Tool!

+ Splitboard
+ C2 BTX Banana Camber Combo with Magnetraction
+ Directional Twin
+ Asner Sheet Dampening
+ Mervin BA Sustainable Woodcore
+ Sintered Base
+ Flex 8

Art By: Adam Haynes

Burton Freebird Split Board
Split open and melt.

There’s only one first chair, and patrol owns it. Leave behind the cattle herd in the liftline. Save yourself the hassle of the sled and the gold card crowd with their cats and helis. Seek solitude and an untracked canvas with the Freebird – the latest advancement in splitboards. Rising to the top with S-Rocker™, tapered shaping, and Side Effects for enhanced floatation, the Freebird is more than just a choice; it’s a way of life.

+ Gondola Package
+ BEND: S-Rocker
+ SHAPE: Directional [7MM Taper]
+ FLEX: Directional
+ CORE: Super Fly II™ Core with Dualzone™ EGD™
+ BASE: Sintered
+ SIDEWALLS: 10:45™
+ EXTRAS: Side Effects, Pro-Tip™, and Infinite Ride™
Interface, Skins, and Crampons Sold Separately Through www.voile-usa.com

Diecut Base Color Combinations May Vary

158cm (253 WW)
162cm (255 WW)

Feel: 5
K2 Panoramic Splitboard Kit



The Panoramic is your ticket to the drop out and hike out mindset. Three years in the making our developers brought it all to this lightweight, Bambooyah™ cored backcountry tool. No half stepped plain graphics either. Keeping it core and true to snowboarding in every way.
Top tear tech:
All Terrain Rocker®

Detail tech:
Baseline: All Terrain Rocker®
Damping: Standard
Construction: Hybrilight™
Shape: Hyper Progressive
Stance: Setback 1″ (25mm)
Core: Bambooyah™ Blend WH4
Glass: Triax / ICG 20
Additives: Carbon Web™ II
Base: 4000 Sintered
Base Bevel: 1°
Lib Tech Travis Rice T.Rice Pro Split C2BTX HP Snowboard

+ C2BTX Power Banana & Magne-Traction
+ Split board hole pattern. No drill or saws required!
+ Karakoram premium clips and latches.
+ Twin geometries
+ Horsepower construction (All basalt, no fiberglass!)
+ Columbian Gold core
+ Ultra light for easy climbing
+ Solid ride for big lines
+ Bio beans sparkle top sheet
+ Flex: 7

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2012 K2 AMP Rictor Skis with Marker MX 12 Binding Review

Built with All-Terrain Rocker

If you are searching for the most versatile high performance ski available, then look no further. Equally at home on the steepest, rock-solid groomer or the back bowls on a powder day, the Rictor is your one-ski quiver. Incredible versatility stems from the optimal combination of width, shape, and Baseline profile, resulting in an expert level ski that will have you skiing from first to last chair.

PERFORMANCE: Groomed: 50%, Ungroomed: 50%
SIZES: 160, 167, 174, 181
CONSTRUCTION: Metal Laminate – Hybritech Sidewall
Aspen / Paulownia Core
RADIUS: 16m @ 174
BINDING: Marker K2 / MX 12.0

2012 K2 Womens Superific Skis with Marker ER3 10 Binding Review

Built with All-Terrain Rocker

The advancing skier has a true ally in the Superific. This lightweight ski makes graceful turns effortless and new trails a joy to explore thanks to All-Terrain Rocker. The Superific will have women of all ages skiing from first chair until the last with style and comfort.

PERFORMANCE: Groomed: 60%, Ungroomed: 40%
SIZES: 139, 146, 153, 160
CONSTRUCTION: Triaxial Braid – Cap Construction
Bioflex 1 (Aspen / Paulownia / Bamboo) Core
RADIUS: 14m @ 160
BINDING: Marker K2 / ER3 10.0