The following is a letter from “Jay Panther” Long time Shoreline skiier who has made the US Ski Team, were all very happy for Jay and wish him well this coming season…

I am writing today filled with elation as I have accomplished my life long dream…earning a spot on the U.S. Ski Team!!! I competed this past week at the U.S. Ski Team Selections event in Steamboat Springs, CO and finished second overall. This result also means I get my first two World Cup starts in Lake Placid, NY January 21 and 22.

The week was a roller coaster. The first day I qualified 3rd with the fastest run of the day and followed that up with an improved finals run that earned me 6th. The second day I was having my best run of the week in qualifying and my ski pole broke in half just after landing the top air. I was able to hold it together and finish my run with one pole but I qualified 11th which is not an ideal position to win finals. I knew I had to lay it all on the line and ski an amazing run or blow out trying. I skied the run I had to and finished second on the day and in the overall! Despite everything I never lost focus on what I had to do, ski my run.

I have attached a video from my second place run and some pictures of the new suit. I have also copied the press release to the bottom of this email. I have dedicated the last seven years of my life to this moment and all the hard work has finally paid off. The last couple of days have been a complete whirlwind and it still has not all sunk in. I am doing my best to embrace this time but am aware that this is just another step (be it the best step I have ever taken). My goals are still set on winning World Cups and ultimately the Olympics. Thank you for all your love and support.

In God’s Love
Jay Panther
U.S. Ski Team Member (It feels good just typing it)

Jay Panther continues to persue the Winter Olympics in Vancouver

Jay PantherI am writing from Winter Park, CO. We are competing here tomorrow and Friday in U.S. Freestyle Team Selections. Men’s qualification starts Wednesday and Friday at 12:15 PM Mountain Time (2:15 PM East Coast and 11:15 AM West Coast). Men’s finals is scheduled to start at 2:45 PM but that is subject to change based on how the event runs. There is going to be a run order on the website so it will you should be able to tell who is going and when I go. I will be running 40th in the run order and I will be wearing bib #67.

I am very excited to compete. Training has been going well and everything is coming together. The top two overall finishers from the two day event will get U.S. C Team spots. The top overall finisher from the two days will also get to ski the American World Cups inDeer Valley, UT and Lake Placid, NY. Thank you for your love and support. I will let you know how the week goes.

U.S. Freestyle Mogul Ski Team Member Jay Panther

This is part of an update from Jaypanther.com, Join the growing number of supporters helping Jay on his way to the 2010 winter Olympics
“I am pleased to write this update after a couple of solid weeks on snow. We have been in Colorado since November 2nd and the training has been great. The first week and a half of our stay we skied a single groomed run working a lot of turn technique. It was a great way to start the season, get my ski legs back, and really fine tune my skiing. The last three days, however, I am ecstatic to report we have been jumping! I have been really anxious to get in the air and the adrenaline has been good for the soul. As you know I worked very hard this summer training a D-Spin 1080 (California Roll) and have been excited to bring it to the mogul course. Yesterday I tried my first ones on snow and had nerves comparable to competition day. I embraced those nerves as moments like that are what I live for, and I am happy to report I landed all three I did. Today I did six or seven more with the same result. It feels great to see hard work come to fruition and I feel confident this new trick will be ready to help me win Selections! I did a California Roll today here is a peek at it, so you can all enjoy it with me……Jay Panther”