2012 Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boot Review

Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boots

The new Full Tilt Drop Kick ski boot’s performance and price land it right between our other two freestyle ski boots with a look that is all it’s own. The shell’s 99mm fit & ultra light & nimble feel compliments its #4 flexing, 7 rib tongue & Active rubber boot board to eliminate shin bang absorb big airs for optimal control & forgiveness. Its Performer Quick-Fit™ liner with Intuition® foam molds 100% to your feet & features a wider toe area for even more room & maneuverability when stomping tricks in the park.

+ Original Shell 3-Piece Design, 99mm width last
+ #4 Flex / 7 Rib extra forgiving absorption & maneuverability
+ Active Bootboard absorbs big air impact & vibrations
+ 3 Cable closure eliminates deadspots for even pressure
+ Ratchet Buckles for light weight on-the-fly micro adjustment
+ Performer Liner lightest liner that molds 100% to your feet