2011 Transworld “Good Wood” awards

Shoreline of Tahoe picks many of the same snowboards that win the good wood awards. After a summer spent pouring over spreadsheets, the only downside to getting to test out hundreds of new boards, the results of TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Good Wood board test are in and the winners were announced in the new Buyer’s Guide.

Here’s a breakdown of this season’s top 40 boards by category:
Lib tech

Online Snowboard Shopping Tips, Package deals

pulp shorelineHere is a thought that is over looked when Shopping online. Retailers are doing all they can to get you to buy from their site. From the consumer’s point of view, they often think that is all come down to price only, but over look the expert advice, they receive from a specialty snowboard shop. Specialty Snowboard Shops don’t put together package deals online in a one size fits all way. One way to determine if a shop has your best interest in mind is weather or not they bundle together packages Boards, boots, bindings, at a great discount. The motive behind this type of packaging is greater profit for the retailer. In most cases they purchase large amounts of boards boots and bindings that don’t sell. So the question to ask is why didn’t they sell? So lets go through why these items didn’t sell. The number one reason, a board doesn’t sell is graphics, I remember the year Danny Kass one the Olympic gold, his board’s graphic was this overly punk thing that you got tired of after 10 seconds, but the board it’s self was great! So in a package deal, they may be some good decks offered. The other boards you find in these packages are made for packages. These boards are made with the motive of making it as cheap as possible, often heavier, less responsive, and prone to fall apart. The same can be said about both boots and binding.
The bindings have a job to do, they must hold your boot firmly down to your board, so your able to control your board. Some of the cheaper plastics, will stretch allowing your boot to lift up in the binding. Depending on what kind of riding you do this could be a good or bad thing. Some forgiveness from you bindings if your focus is park riding, is a good thing, being able to tweak your equipment, is desirable. If your focus is improved stability at high speeds then a stiffer binding is what you want.
The reason boots don’t sell in a small way is how they look, but a far bigger reason is fit. If your shopping packages online, with the motive of saving as much money as possible, keep in mind when it comes to boots, not all boots fit all feet. People are funny, the boot is the most important part of your equipment and is often the piece of equipment that people put the least amount of thought into. The odds are against you getting a comfortable boot that can hold your foot firmly down.
So buyer beware, if an online dealer is offering a package deal, there is a good chance that you may suffer in pain and lack the performance you want.
We want to offer our customers a package deal but don’t want to take away your freedom to get the right gear.
So pick out the best gear for you, feel free to give us a call toll free 888-866-7669 (snow) if you have any further questions about your package. We want to reward you for buying from us. So pick out any 2010 snowboarding gear… Board, boots and bindings then put in the coupon code put the word “Package” and you’ll receive 10% off your package. The Coupon code will only work with 2010 equipment, that totals over $700.00 before discount. Sorry small kids packages are not included.

Black Winter – Standard’s 2009-2010 HD Snowboarding Teaser

VAS0-SB710DVD[1]Dropping banger shred flicks on the snowboard community for nearly 20 years, Standard Films has been capturing the essence of all things snowboarding since 1991. With past seasons gems including Paradox and Aesthetica, Standard looks forward to shaking up the scene with their new film Black Winter set to release fall 09.

With a list of shreds including riders like Eric Jackson, Torstein Horgmo, Lonnie Kauk, Chas Guldemond, Andreas Wiig and Mark Landvik, Black Winter will showcase the sports progression with a unique artistic edge.

Always a supporter of timeless snowboarding since the TB days, Snowboarder Magazine is proud to offer their stamp of approval and support to Standard Films. Publisher Chris Engelsman says, We’re stoked to be partnering with Standard to document the best riders in the world; their caliber of riders, film quality and pioneering new zones has raised the level of snowboarding for years

Branching out from their full-length films, Standard is entering the sixth season of production for The Standard Snowboard Show for Fuel TV. Their unique approach to documentation has raised the standards for a televised snowboard series, transcending boundaries between a winters worth of collecting footage and exposing the lifestyles of top riders.

Whether viewing the work of Standard in the form of Black Winter or The Standard Snowboard Show, Standard Films uses their acquired knowledge from their snowboarding past to continue creating innovative films in the future.

TransWorld’s 2010 Good Wood Board Test

Hear what they liked, from the 2010 Transworld good wood board test. Like last year the reverse camber conversation continues. We have a great understanding about the differences between Camber vs Rocker (reverse camber) you can find other blogs we have posted on the subject or give us a call at 888-866-7669 during west coast Business hours, and talk to us, we’ll help you make the the right choice. If after you talk to us you still don’t know , stop on by during the season and we will let you try a demo, then apply your demo price towards the purchase of a brand new board.

Carlsbad, CA—The October issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine (twsnow.com), the world’s #1 snowboard magazine, reveals the 45 winning boards in the eleventh annual Good Wood Board Test. The results are broken down into categories including Top 10 Men’s And Women’s Under $399, Top 10 Men’s And Women’s Over $400, and Top 5 Best Pipe Boards.
“There isn’t a lot of good info available to riders looking to invest in a new snowboard,” said Annie Fast, TransWorld SNOWboarding’s editor-in-chief. “That’s why the Good Wood Test results are so important—we give our readers solid feedback on which boards ride the best, and we offer this info in price ranges available for every rider.”
Over 30 brands sent in a total of 450 boards to be tested last spring in Breckenridge, Colorado’s Park Lane Park, Freeway Superpipe, and the 2,400 vertical feet of all-mountain terrain on Peak 8. The 23 testers scored the boards based on characteristics that define a good board such as turning, flex, high-speed stability; and also those specific to park, pipe, or all-mountain boards.
The October issue features an overview on each winning board, tester comments, and complete tech stats. Readers will be able to use the Good Wood results to find the perfect board whether they’re down for park riding, all-mountain freeriding, or shredding the pipe.
Read more about Good Wood in the 2010 Gear Guide and the October issue, also go online to twsnow.com for videos, photo galleries, and individual tester bios.

TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Good Wood Winners Are:

Top Ten Women’s Under $399
Burton The Social
Capita Space Metal Fantasy
Endeavor Boyfriend Series
Gnu B-Nice BTX
K2 VaVaVoom Rocker
Rome Detail
Roxy Ollie Pop BTX
Signal Vita Park
Technine Women’s Jib
Top Ten Women’s Over $400
Arbor Cadence
Burton Lipstick (All-Mountain)
Gnu B-Pro BTX (All-Mountain)
K2 EcoPOP (All-Mountain)
Lib Tech Skate Banana
Nitro T1
Rome Lo-Fi 1985 (All-Mountain)
Roxy Eminence BTX (All-Mountain)
Salomon Gypsy
Technine One Love
Top Ten Men’s Under $399
Artec Gabe Taylor
Burton Blunt
Capita Horrorscope FK
Forum Youngblood Chillydog
K2 Darkstar
K2 WWW Rocker
Nitro Swindle
Omatic Extr-Eco Wigglestick
Salomon Drift
Rossignol Angus (All-Mountain)
Top Ten Men’s Over $400
Burton Easy Livin’
Burton Custom V-Rocker (All-Mountain)
Burton Joystick (All-Mountain)
Forum Destroyer Chillydog
Gnu Park Pickle
K2 Parkstar
K2 Slayblade (All-Mountain)
Lib Tech Skate Banana
Nitro Rook
Ride Machete
Burton Vapor
Forum Seeker
Gnu Danny Kass BTX
Lib Tech TRS
Salomon Official

From Transworld….
For more information on Good Wood, contact Editor-In-Chief Annie Fast at annie.fast@transworld.net. Thank
you to High Cascade Snowboard Camp for expertly running the board test and to Breckenridge, Colorado
for providing the very best testing terrain.