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Shoreline Of Tahoe's Huge Ski Rental selection

Shoreline Of Tahoe’s Huge Ski Rental selection

Save 20% on ski or snowboard rentals at Shoreline of Tahoe, go to our Ski and Snowboard rental site once there create an account, pick out your equipment, date you will be picking up the gear, Then put in the coupon code “skitahoe14″ and save 20% off. Two convenient locations in the South Tahoe area, in the Heavely village next to the gondola or 259 Kingsbury grade on the way to Heavenly’s Nevada side.

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Best of Tahoe Ski & Snowboard Shop
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Lib Tech
Never Summer
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Save 10% off the purchase of any Skateboards by using the Coupon Code “skateboards“. You may  also qualify for free shipping.

Whether you skate ramp or street, prefer pool decks, ride longboards but not skateboards, ride skateboards but not longboards, or ride both, Shoreline’s Skate Shop has what you’re looking for.

Tight on cash? Shoreline Logo Decks skate great and leave money in your wallet. Employees skate these exclusively and they’re extremely popular with the locals.

2010 K2 Hellbent Ski Sale…40% Off at Shoreline of Tahoe

Shatter perceptions of what can be done outside the park. The mountain is now your playground. Unleash. The regular price for the K2 Hellbent ski is $1205.00 Save tons at Shoreline of Tahoe Now only $770.97

Often imitated, but never equaled, the HellBent’s twin tip Rocker design equals supreme floatation in powder while allowing you to stomp both switch and regular landings in the deepest conditions. Not content being a mere pow tool, the HellBent gives you generous ability to carve your way down to the bottom of back to the lift. We have a hard time getting Andy Mahre to ever take them off his feet.

Dimensions: 150/122/141
Powder: 666%
Park: 10%
Radius: 26m at 179
Construction: Vertical ABS Sidewall
Core: Fir

Bindings: SchizoFrantic
DIN Range: 4-12

Features: Tip/Tail 20/40 Rocker Design, Tip plates and tail rivets, Triaxial Braiding, Made with Pure Evil

Mervin Manufacturing B-grade Snowboards now avaliable

A B-Grade snowboard is a snowboard that has a cosmetic or other blemish that does not adversely affect how the board rides. B-Grades come with the same manufacturers warranty as regular retail models. The B-Grade or Factory seconds are priced 20% Off the regular price, Buy yours now, because just like last year, all the great Mervin snowboards are selling out.

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Model BTX Pointy B-Grade

Lib Tech Skate Banana B-Grade

Lib Tech Skate Banana Narrow B-Grade

Lib Tech Skate Banana Wide B-Grade

Lib Tech Skunk Ape BTX B-Grade

Lib Tech 1986 Snow Mullet BTX B-Grade

Gnu Billy Goat C2 BTX B-Grade

Gnu Danny Kass Split Personality C2 BTX B-Grade

Gnu Women’s B-Nice BTX B-Grade

Gnu Youth Girl’s B-Pro Mini BTX B-Grade

Roxy Women’s Ollie Pop BTX B-Grade