Washed up old South Lake Tahoe Snowboarders

southshoresnowboardledgins1An unplanned reunion of some of the South Lake Tahoe snowboarding pioneers happen at the inaugural ULLR’S Jib Jam at Lakeside Inn & Casino. Pictured here Eric V Skate Park builder, Randy Walters former Pro Snowboarder turned carpenter, Bob Daly founder of Shoreline of Tahoe, and Jimmy Halopoff of the South shore soldiers Ski & Snowboard camp. The event was a blast, Ullr the Nors god of snow must of wanted to jib because the weather was great! Jimmy was invited to judge the event which had over 70 skiers and snowboarders.

Washed up old South Lake Tahoe Snowboarders still come out to encourage the next generation. Those of us who pioneered snowboarding here in Tahoe are amazed at where the sport has been and where it is going. One thing for sure is there is no end in sight. These new riders keep pushing the limits, and I think that is what draws us old guys to these events to see what is next. There is some ownership to being the first snowboarders to do all we did. Until snowboarding becomes flat with no new horizons you can expect washed up old South Lake Tahoe Snowboarders to still stop by and check out the scene.