If Rollerblading is Dumb, What is this?

Its that time of year when we wait for snow, waiting, thinking, planning for our next day on the hill. The staff at Shoreline of Tahoe have a strange fear during these waiting periods. The fear is that I may launch some new crazy gadget in hopes of being the first kid on the block to sell one. As much as I want my own roller suit, I’ll be a good boy and simply wait for the snow. Pray for snow or tell me what size roller suit you wear?

Airtrekkers in Europe are kicking Americans butt..Why?

Shoreline has been selling Airtrekkers, and the former brand name Jumping stilts (powerisers) for over five years now, and all this time I noticed that the Europeans are far better then the Americans at Jumping stilts…so this begs the question why? I have spent some time in Europe, and think I know why they are better then us… European Pavement sucks! Their streets are almost un-skateable.Airtrekking The American go for it kid, that would kick ass on airtrekkers is doing backside rodeo’s on his skateboard instead…meanwhile check out this vid from Europe…if any of us Americans want to sellout our love of for skateboarding and take on the Euro’s in this up and comming sport, I’m sure we would hold our own…meanwhile check out this vid from across the pond…its sick!