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Check out some of the local biking and skating in the beginning of this of this Vid clip, sorry about the sales pitch, but we do have to sell a few things from time to time to pay the bills…Check back for more summer highlights from your friends at Shoreline..Thank-you local skaters, Ben, Eric, John, Brian, Alex, and Tyler, Thank-you Local mountain bikers, Chase and Dylan for stepping to the challenge on some backyard jumps.

South Tahoe Skate Park’s ugly step child BMX

The South Lake Tahoe skate park’s ugly step child, the BMX rider can be seen regularly at the skate park, like most step children they are a misunderstood group that seeks a place to call home. I know first hand way back in the day they were not allowed at the park. The city officials didn’t know if they could share the same space without increased risk of injury? Would the bikes damage the park? Over time I think the policy has been modified, or at least the city turns a blind eye to the riders. The truth is these ugly step children rip! Shortly after a rain storm passed through, I meet up with “Dillon” who had the park all to himself. South Tahoe Skate skate park’s ugly step child is out of the back room and given the best seat at the table.

How to grip tape your skateboard

Learn How to Grip Tape Your Skateboard in Two Minutes Flat
Anyone who’s got a skateboard deck that needs grip tape.

Get your grip tape on your deck.

When you buy a new skateboard deck or when your grip tape won’t grip your shoes any more.


So your feet don’t slide off your skateboard!


1. Get your kit together:
Skateboard deck
Grip tape
Razor blade

2. Make sure to take the plastic off of your deck if it’s brand new.

3. Remove the backing from the grip tape.

4. Lay the grip tape over the deck.

5. Starting at the center of the deck and working outward toward the nose, tail, and edges, press the grip tape onto the deck.

6. Take the file and file around the edge of the deck on top of the grip tape, making sure the grip tape is fully adhered to the deck all the way around.

7. Insert the razor blade up from the bottom of the grip tape along the line you’ve just filed, holding it at about a 45 degree angle from the top of the deck. Cut around the deck to remove all the excess grip tape.

8. Take the excess tape and use it to sand down any imperfections in the cutting.

Heavenly Park Skiing & Snowboarding at it’s best.

Jesso Via

Jesso Via

The Parks at Heavenly this year have been great, Ive got to hand it to them they have really improved. transitions, landings, and creativity…Have you seen the teater toter on Comet?  Check out this quick vid of local skiers having a good time at Heavenly….it could happen,  looks like they missed the Superbowl……good job Allen, good follow cam, Great Song!  says the old guy from Shoreline….

The Pavement report from the South Lake Tahoe Skate Park

The South Lake Tahoe Skate Park is where it’s at. Skateboarding in December, in Tahoe? The Locals with the right attitude, just carry on skating, mountain biking, whatever they’re into until it snows. No whining about the snow, just shut up and skate. Oh by the way, meet “Bruce” he’s 4 years old, and you don’t hear him whining. Sorry about the crappy quality, I’m still figuring out my new camera.