2012 Never Summer Revolt Longboard Review

Freeriding isn’t the future, it’s the present. If you prefer to just cruise, hit some banks or slide the steepest switch-back in town, this deck does it all! The Revolt’s twin shape and Rocker profile create the ultimate deck for any style of riding you desire. Light and durable, the Revolt is hands down the best freeride longboard on the market!

SIZE: 41.5?X10?
3 Year Warranty

Never Summer Soldier DT Longboard Review

Never Summer offers you a downhill bomber that is second to none. The drop-thru Rocker profile lowers your center of gravity for better stability. Combine this with the concave and it locks your feet in like a vice. Our exclusive VLSC construction provides a responsive and stable platform while RDS adds a velvet smooth ride. Throw on your helmet, lock in, and ….. The Soldier comes with custom Randal 180mm trucks, using RII 180mm hangers on a 42 degree D.H. base plate and downhill barrel bushings. Our NS 77mm/77a Inferno wheels offer great grip and speed.

SIZE: 42? X 10?
3 Year Warranty

2011 Never Summer Eclipse Longboard Review

The Eclipse is our first born and our flagship. We created a classic pin with a surfy flex pattern. This big cruiser has the signature Never Summer ride; effortless, solid and smooth. New wheel wells for 2011 ensure you won’t feel any wheel bite, even in the tightest turns. Like any first born, the Eclipse is and always will be our favorite. The Eclipse comes complete with 180mm trucks and NS 72mm/78a wheels.

SIZE: 47? X 10?
WHEEL BASE: 33?-35.5?
3 Year Warranty

2011 Never Summer Assault Longboard Review

The skateboarder’s longboard, the Assault is ideal for attacking the streets around town or campus. We’ve incorporated additional fiberglass in the kick-tail, making it functional while leaving the platform slightly softer. The Assault’s length makes it agile, but don’t be mistaken, this ride is smooth and stable. Truly the best of both worlds! Using 150mm trucks and our 72mm/78a wheels gives you plenty of grip and forgiveness riding over cracks and rocks but the Assault is also extremely agile.

SIZE: 36? X 9?
3 Year Warranty

2011 Never Summer Heist V2 CF Longboard Review

You asked for it and we built it! Introducing The Heist V2, one of the most exciting boards we have ever created. The Heist V2 is designed to give you the same flex deck performance you have come to expect from Never Summer but with a new shape and functional nose and tail. Grab a new V2 and let us know what you would like to see next.

ClassicFlex is designed for a lighter and/or entry level rider.