Silver and Light, Ian Ruhter

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter on Vimeo.

One of the things I love about being in Tahoe now for 30 years is all the creative people I’ve been blessed to know. Ian Ruhter join our snowboard team back when he went to South Tahoe High School.  For some reason, we had one of those smart ass relationships…we always gave each other shit…not out of a dislike, but a kind of  “I don’t impress you and you don’t impress me either” way.  Well Ian you impress me…. 

He befriended Ken Block way back in the beginning of DC shoe Company, learned to become a great snowboard photographer for Transworld Snowboarding…then boom 20 years go by and he’s back here creating the worlds biggest camera. Cool!

Shoreline Team Rider Mike Chantry 1988

This is Mike Chantry about 1988 wearing a Shoreline of Tahoe…Back then known as Shoreline Ski & Snowboards team rider jacket and pants.  If we could read the embroidery on his left pocket, we would be able to read “Shoreline Ski & Snowboards  Pro Snowboard Shop” that suit was sick, made by a Company called “Hot Dogger” that Very quickly came and went. Yea those were pink Palm trees on his pants….Way Cool for 88…
Mike Chantry is one of those people that have a way shaping a movement without getting too entangled. To do this you must love your passion in a way that never ruins it for you. In other words not depend on it for you sole source of income. He some how became a great supporter of both Sessions Snowboard Shop and Shoreline Of Tahoe in the early years. I think Joel Gomez started Sessions in 83 followed by Shoreline in 85. In the early years you knew everyone, if you saw someone with a board, you most likely knew them or knew someone they knew. It was kind of a relapsed hippy phase where if you saw someone hitching with a snowboard you would go out of your way to give them a ride just to talk about snowboarding. Mike has always been old to me, I meet him when I was 23 when he hosted “Terror in Tahoe” the now legendary Skate contest. Like I said Mike greatly influenced the skate an snowboard scene for decades, so I was happy to see this old shot of Mike,  it brought back many fond memories of a time long gone, but not forgotten.

K2 Welcomes Travis Parker Back to The K2 Pro Team

We at Shoreline would like to say congrats to our good friend Travis Parker, for getting back on the K2 Pro Team! K2 Snowboarding Welcomes Travis Parker back to The K2 Pro Team

Travis Parker has been back on the scene, filming in this year’s Respect Your Elders film presented by Airblaster and K2 Snowboarding, helping K2 design boards, boots, bindings, helmets and more from the inside out, and helping to educate the world with his Environmentally Challenged Fuel Television Show.

“Personally, I couldn’t be happier to have been able to bring Travis back in to work with K2 Snowboarding.”, says Kevin Winkel, K2 International Team Manager. “He is truly one of the most amazing human beings I have ever had the pleasure of working with, a legend in snowboarding, and after a few years away, I know that snowboarding has missed him. Here’s to keeping snowboarding fun! Welcome back Travis!”

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