4FRNT Deadbolt 13 Ski Binding Review

4FRNT Deadbolt 13 Ski Bindings
The 4FRNT team has become a significant test ground for the rise in freeskiing products. Freeskiing requires specific technology and safety features that are different than the traditional race binding.

+ Din: 4 – 13
+ Zero Ramp Angle allows neutral shin position for more effective, stable switch riding
+ Reinforced steel forward pressure track
+ Oversized AFD
+ Wider Heel peice for stability and quicker power transmission
+ Four rollers and gliding inserts in the toe piece ensures 180? release and exact centering of the ski boot.
+ Standard brake width – 96mm (wider brake available)

TOE PIECE: 180 degree release range from vertical to horizontal, vertical retention/release values are set higher allowing even the most extreme backward lean without unwanted release.

HEEL PIECE: Vertical release only.