Art of Flight Trailer Part 2

This video is going to BLOW your MIND!!! Get ready cause it’s dropping on September 7, 2011. We have preordered a bunch of copies so make sure to check back on September 7th to get yours while they last. They are doing a 2 for 1 this year (DVD and blu-ray in the same pack).

Shoreline of Tahoe X-Game Commerical

This ad ended up 23% Corney then any of our other commericals. watch and see for yourself, it’s cheezy. The funny thing is many people have commented on seeing it, which means that now they will come into Shoreline with buckets of money to buy Skis and Snowboards they Saw on the X-games. How about a Helmet that explodes off your head while riding in a half Pipe….Oh Sorry Shaun White already bought that one.