Dream Capture – Dakine Team Rider Thomas Vanderham


Anthill Films is excited to announce Dream Capture, a new 5-part series of short mountain bike stories. Presented by Sony and released throughout the 2013 season, each short story will be shot exclusively with Sony’s new Action Cam.

There’s nothing like flowing through your favorite trail. And anyone who’s ventured out to trail networks in different regions knows how great it is to ride through new forests, features and dirt with new friends. So when SONY gave Thomas Vanderham the opportunity to link together his favorite trails in a non-stop road trip he started making plans. Here’s what Vanderham had to say about being a part of the Dream Capture project:

“I think every rider out there can relate to a dream week of riding. My goal with Trail Crawl was to ride as many of my favorite spots as physically possible in a week and capture every single moment on the Action Cam. It was a crazy trip and one I’ll remember for a long time. Thanks to everyone who came to ride with me and the crew!”

The Trail Crawl kicked off at the infamous Kamloops Bike Ranch with a bunch of locals, including Graham Agassiz and Matty Miles. Followed by a quick hop to the Sunshine coast for a session with the Costal Crew’s Kyle Norbraten and Dylan Dunkerton. Then it was back to the mainland for a rock smashing session with Adam Billinghurst in Pemberton, and some dirt roosting in Squamish with local shredders, Luke and Reece from the C4 crew. Next, we met up with the guys from Freehub Mag to hit the flowy trails of Bellingham Washington and then made a mad dash down the coast for a pinner trail ride in Hood River Oregon with the Dakine crew.

The first five days of the trip covered a lot of ground in the pacific North West. But to get all of Thomas’ favorite trails to fit into one week, it only made sense to jump on a plane to link Oregon with southern Nevada. An obligatory night was spent in Sin City that resulted in a more “traditional” crawl. But it wasn’t long before Thomas and the crew got back on schedule and laid tracks on the slick rock of Moab Utah with his friends from Western Spirit Cycling. The Crawl ended on a high note with a stop at the original Rampage site for a run down King Kong, and some of the other epic ridgeline descents that the zone is known for.

After one week, The Trail Crawl had condensed an insane amount of riding, into one continuous blur of great people, good times, rad trails, amazing places and maybe a few beers.

Trail Crawl Stats:

Kilometers Covered: 6680km
Trails ridden: 14
Hours away: 168
Flats: 1
Trips to the hospital: 0
Close Calls: 4
Beers for crew: 157
Moments to forget: 2
Stops for gas: 15
High fives: 50
Cameras: 7
Hours of footage: 24+

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Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners
1) If you’ve never been mountain biking before, you may be surprised at how much time you spend walking instead of riding. You’ll walk your bike up steep grades, down steep grades, and in level places where the terrain is too rugged. Mountain bikers frequently have to deal with rocks, boulders, tree roots, sand traps, holes in the ground, stream crossings, eroded trails, and so on. Often the best way to deal with these obstacles is to walk and push your bike. Use this technique to your advantage. If something looks scary, dismount and walk. If you are unsure of your ability to stay in control while heading downhill, or your capacity to keep your balance on a rough surface, dismount and walk. It will save you plenty of

2) Learn to shift gears before you need to. This takes some practice, but you’ll soon find that it’s easier to shift before you’re halfway up the hill and the pedals and chain are under pressure. When you see a hill coming up ahead,

3) Play around with the height of your seat. When the seat is properly adjusted, you will have a slight bend in your knee while your leg is fully extended on the lower of the two pedals.

4) Take it easy on the handlebar grips. Many beginners squeeze the daylights out of their handlebars, which leads to hand, arm, shoulder, and upper back
discomfort. Grip the handlebars loosely and keep a little bend in your elbows.

5) Learn to read the trail ahead of you, especially on downhills. Keep your eyes open for rocks or ruts which can take you by surprise and upset your balance.

6) Go slow. As long as you never exceed the speed at which you feel comfortable and in control, you’ll be fine. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take a few chances, but it’s unwise to take chances until you are ready.