The Jackie Chan Down Hill Mountain Bike Documentary

The Jackie Chan Down Hill Mountain Bike Documentary
Its spring time in Tahoe, its time to tune up your ride or stop by and check out the latest in bikes. The Shoreline Bike department is up and running, we wish Jackie Chan was up and running. This Vid is now history, this trail was taken out two summers ago by the US forest Service. The Forest Service has had a love hate relationship with Downhill mountain biking. They seem to allow them in certain places, but don’t like to see new trails pop up. So before you venture out on to the trails, stop on in and get the latest info on what trails are open.
The hope in the future is that Heavenly will put in mountain biking…

Lake Tahoe Films to the rescue…

Leave it to our good budies at Lake Tahoe Films to feed our early riding adictions with another rippin good clip from their classic Mountian Biking DVD “GOOD RIDES” Check out the lines, Jumps and ladders…funny thing this looks like “Lazy Mary” not “Crazy Larry” but what do I know…

Tahoe Rim Trail addition: Daggett Summit Proposed Trail System

Lake Tahoe Bike Coalition

Lake Tahoe Bike Coalition

Daggett Summit Trail System – Major Reroute at Kingsbury

The Tahoe Rim Trail Association, in partnership with the US Forest Service and Nevada State Parks, is pleased to be involved in a project to move 3 miles of trail from pavement to forest. New, view-filled segments will improve the trail experience and eliminate conflicts with vehicles. The project adds 13 miles of new trail to the Tahoe Rim Trail system!

There will be short, scenic loop trails around the Upper Kingsbury neighborhood and out to Castle Rock. We will construct a connector from the Tahoe Rim Trail down through the Van Sickle Unit of Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park to Stateline, NV. In an effort to make the trail system sustainable, we will improve and incorporate some existing trails. While professional trail crews and conservation corps will be used to build technical features, the rest of the trail will be built for the public, by the public! Both special volunteer events and regular workdays will take place June through October, each year. The Tahoe Rim Trail Association has a long history of incredible volunteer participation and we expect to see one of our biggest turnouts yet.

How can you get involved? We invite you to lend a hand and get dirty building trail! Own a business? You can support our special events and help us recognize the efforts of our volunteers! Want your friends, family and coworkers to join in the fun? Host a BBQ or block party and we’ll bring all of the maps and information to get you started! Contact the TRTA!

The TRPA should allow heaveny to offer mountain biking.

Heavenly mountain bikingNorcolinerI should start keeping track of all the times the local riders rebuild this popular trail (Jackie Chan Downhill). This is the second time the forest service has had to spend time and money removing what they call an illegal trail. Illegal trails will continue to be blazed through National forest lands due to the advances in downhill mountain bike designs.  As Downhill mountain bikes improve every year the riders are able to descend steeper and steeper terrain.  With riders able to drop almost anything put in their way, the forest service has an impossible task. The solution to me seems very simple, allow downhill mountain biking at Heavenly Ski Resort.  Lets look at all the up sides to this idea. First, instead of spending tax dollars on taking down trails that keep being rebuilt, Heavenly will collect taxes.  Heavenly is set for injuries in terms of established first aid,  the forest is far more riskier for riders to ride.  This is not to say the forest service should ban all mountain biking, but by allowing the advanced riding at Heavenly it would greatly reduce the risk on forest service land.  Heavenly has already invested in erosion control according to the TRPA’s standards.  In other words if we believe that mountain biking increases erosion, causing the lake clarity to suffer, then decreasing the riding on forest lands, and moving those riders to areas that have sedimentary pools already in place is the quickest way to help the Lake Tahoe environment.

It is my understanding that the TRPA will not allow Heavenly to offer it’s terrain to mountain biking. This restriction, is understood by all parties, and makes logical sense, but over time many other mountain communities have been able to protect their environment, and offer mountain biking.  With the growth in popularity of mountain biking,  I’ve heard countless guest’s respond in shock and unbelief when we tell them they’re not allowed on Heavenly with their bike.  One visitor assumed he could ride the lift like other resorts he had been to, but when I informed him he couldn’t, he went nuts. He had planned his trip around the idea of mountain biking at heavenly, he swore he would never return to Tahoe because from his perspective all ski resorts should be open to mountain biking, and why wouldn’t they?
So to the powers that be, please reconsider the up side to allowing Heavenly the right to offer mountian biking acess via its lift system.