2013 Fully Functional Five NAS Ski Review

Let’s talk about these Lib Tech Full Functional Five Skis for a moment. So, you want a pair of wide skis that are designed for the powder but you can take into any terrain? Well, these FFF Skis are the ones for you. I’m talking Magne-Traction edge grip for superior control and catch-free tips and tails. You combine that with reCurve and you have easy turn initiation and float so you’ll be smoother than Barry White’s voice. Smooth as in ice or pow, it stays smooth. Now beans are the musical fruit but they also make for one heckuva topsheet. The environmentally friendly topsheet is indeed made with beans and when you have a sustainable Aspen Core then you are riding on one pair of durable and versatile narrow a$$ snowboards. Packed full of features, the Lib Tech Full Functional Five Skis are jolly-good fun with a sweet set of graphics.

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