2013 Fulltilt Seth Morrison Ski Boot Review

Seth has been using the Full Tilt shell for 20 years now for a reason…power and control. This season Full Tilt has made some improvements to their classic shell. First of all they widened the big toe corner by 1.6mm for a slightly roomier fit in the toe box. Second Full Tilt has added replaceable natural rubber soles for a longer boot life, and better walking, and hiking on rocks and ice. The #8 tongue is the second stiffest tongue that Full Tilt offers for even more power and energy transfer over your fattys. A rubber active boot board will dampen out most shock and vibrations that you would get from stomping monster back flips. The Intuition Pro Liner is 100% heat moldable and can be totally customized for your feet. Heel slippage has never been an issue with these bad boys due to the extra J-Bar that is internally built in around the ankle. The Full Tilt 3 Cable Closure system creates the most secure and snug buckling system on the market today. Like most Full Tilt boots the Seth Pro Model fits best for people who have a narrow foot, and narrow shaft of the leg. If launching monster back flips, hiking along cirques, and dodging seracs are your idea of fun, demand the burliest boot, that the burliest skier in the world uses…the Full Tilt Seth Morrison Pro.

New Soul Shell with a Wider Toe Box
New Rubber Sole for Better Grip When Walking
#8 Fles with 7 Rib Tongue for Maximum Power and Natual Flex
Active Bootboard Absorbs Shock and Vibrations
3 Cable Closeure Elimintates Deadspots for a Smooth and Even Pressure Fit
Aluminum Ratchet Buckles for Durable on the Fly Micro Adjustment
Quick Fit Intuition Pro Liner
J-Bar Ankle Lock
Powerwrap Around the Outer Upper Layer adds Power to the Shell
7mm Hight Density Intuition Closed Cell Foam Molds to Feet and Transfers Most Energy

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