Dave Mateo Kengarden Tour Tahoe

Dave Mateo is an amazing person! He is so easy going, he’s one of those people you feel like you’ve known your whole life. He was killing it all day, very entertaining to watch. His movements with the Kendama are impressively fluid and consistent. Check out this quick clip of him…and look out for more Kengarden edits on their way.

Kengarden ROOTS TOUR coming to Shoreline of Tahoe, Heavenly Village

Stop by and check out the best Kendama showmen, in America. Give aways, latest Kendama’s and one of a kind custom painted Kendama’s.

-San Francisco
Saturday June 9th 2PM-6PM
Dolores Park

Sunday June 10th 3PM – 7PM
Shasta Community Park

Monday June 11th 3PM-7PM
Shoreline of Tahoe at Heavenly Village

Wednesday June 13th 1PM – 5PM
Des Chutes Historical Museum

Thursday June 14th
Roaming Tour Bus EVERYWHERE!!!

Saturday June 16th 2PM – When ever!