Arbor Skateboards welcomes Tyler Howell

We found Tyler riding a Hybrid GT in the skatepark last year and crushing it with his unique surf style. Within months he was in the hills with the crew, learning to ride downhill. Half a year later, he’s developed a skill set and comfortability at speed that puts plenty to shame. Arbor Skateboards is pleased to start supporting Tyler Howell.

Silver and Light, Ian Ruhter

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter on Vimeo.

One of the things I love about being in Tahoe now for 30 years is all the creative people I’ve been blessed to know. Ian Ruhter join our snowboard team back when he went to South Tahoe High School.  For some reason, we had one of those smart ass relationships…we always gave each other shit…not out of a dislike, but a kind of  “I don’t impress you and you don’t impress me either” way.  Well Ian you impress me…. 

He befriended Ken Block way back in the beginning of DC shoe Company, learned to become a great snowboard photographer for Transworld Snowboarding…then boom 20 years go by and he’s back here creating the worlds biggest camera. Cool!