2011 Never Summer Heist V2 CF Longboard Review

You asked for it and we built it! Introducing The Heist V2, one of the most exciting boards we have ever created. The Heist V2 is designed to give you the same flex deck performance you have come to expect from Never Summer but with a new shape and functional nose and tail. Grab a new V2 and let us know what you would like to see next.

ClassicFlex is designed for a lighter and/or entry level rider.


  1. Hey! I’m getting this deck soon and noticed, on the one you are holding in the video, there seems to be thin metal brackets between the bottom of the deck and the nut/bolts…

    What are those? I know the deck doesn’t normally come with them.

  2. They come normally with the deck. They are to strenthen the truck area to reduce deck cracking.

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