Skate House of Tahoe

Lake Tahoe’s first indoor skate park is about to open. Thanks to long time local skaters Shon Baughman, Erik Valenzuela, and many others who donated their time and money. Its been great to see this park come together over the last month. It should be open any day now. Shon is all in on this project, its do or die trying, so you know he’s going to create something excellent. The use of the space is well done, something for everyone, moveable features, rails, boxes, and pipes. So stop on by soon and Skate a session. Session pricing is yet to be determined, Shon thinks it will range from $3 to $20 depending on season, and time. Skate house of Tahoe is located on Eloise st. next to “Tahoe Gymnastics” No Phone Number yet.