I come from a family of video Idiots…”Vidiots”

“Karl’s Big Break” by Team Heist from Z Systems on Vimeo.

Hey Troops, this is Bob Daly the blogger, Flimer, editor, for Shoreline of Tahoe, and just to prove that I’m not the only crazy person in my Family, watch this clip. This is a video that my older brother Jack wrote, filmed, and played the cameraman in. This short film won first place in the “Z Systems Second Annual Film Festival” in Mpls. Minnesota. Yes he has hair too….
Karl’s Big Break by Team Heist
Best Picture – 1st Place, Best Makeup, Hair & Wardrobe, Best Creative Use of Graphics and/or Props, Best Film Editing, Best Storyline, Best Acting
Way to go Brother Jack!

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  1. Bob, I learned some new vocabulary… good job, Jack!

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