Moment Reno Jib Ski Review

We don’t want light weight at the price of durability – and especially not in a park ski. We use aspen and carbon fiber in the Reno Jib to give it air-loving lightness and pop, with UHMW sidewalls, ash stringers and our VDS dampening to soak up the abuse. Hand-built for spins and rails with complete dimensional symmetry, there’s nothing like it on the park scene. Go ahead and hit it – the Reno Jib will smack you right back.

+ Aspen/Ash wood core
+ UHMW sidewalls
+ 2.2mm edge
+ 4001 DuraSurf sintered base
+ Triaxial/Bi/Uni fiberglass
+ Reinforced binding mount laminate
+ Carbon fiber stringers
+ VDS dampening system

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