K2 Welcomes Travis Parker Back to The K2 Pro Team

We at Shoreline would like to say congrats to our good friend Travis Parker, for getting back on the K2 Pro Team! K2 Snowboarding Welcomes Travis Parker back to The K2 Pro Team

Travis Parker has been back on the scene, filming in this year’s Respect Your Elders film presented by Airblaster and K2 Snowboarding, helping K2 design boards, boots, bindings, helmets and more from the inside out, and helping to educate the world with his Environmentally Challenged Fuel Television Show.

“Personally, I couldn’t be happier to have been able to bring Travis back in to work with K2 Snowboarding.”, says Kevin Winkel, K2 International Team Manager. “He is truly one of the most amazing human beings I have ever had the pleasure of working with, a legend in snowboarding, and after a few years away, I know that snowboarding has missed him. Here’s to keeping snowboarding fun! Welcome back Travis!”

-Taken from snowboard-mag.com

How to change the tongue in your Full Tilt Ski Boots.

Full Tilt Replacement tongues come in sizes and flex, you can change your flex by getting different tongues. The lower the number the softer the flex. Replacement tongue for Full Tilt Ski Boots. Sold in pairs. Flex 4, 6, 8, 10,

S – US sizes 5 – 7.5
M – US sizes 8 – 9.5
L – US Sizes 10 – 11.5
XL – US Sizes 12 – 14

Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Binding Review

Armed with the full array of new 390s weaponry – the V-Rod Baseplate and Asym Highback – the 390 Boss straps in freestyle flexibility with classic UnderWrap power. Bone out tricks old-school style or get over your tail on a press, and still have the direct connection necessary for exploding the tops of a pillow line. The Boss edition ups the level with the added customization of the Yes, I Cant InBase padding system. Run the cant pads for added power on Rocker boards, or run the flat pads for a traditional stance.

V-Rod Baseplate
“Rocker” baseplate design that lets the board flex while delivering toe-to-heel power and side-to-side freedom

Yes, I Cant InBase System
Three canting options – 0°, 2° and 3.5° – for wide-stance comfort and added pressure over nose and tail

UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop
Unmatched leverage over toe and heel edges, at a reduced weight

390 Asym Highback
Canted inwardly, but with a pronounced lateral corner for a powerful, anatomical fit. Cored for lightness.

ConFormist.2 Toe Strap with Toe Jam
The best-fitting, lowest profile toe strap in snowboarding, with added grip for more control

Contour Ankle Strap
The 3D shape and cold-resistant gel ensure a bio-correct fit with your ankle. Low-profile for greater freedom.

SubBase-V Pad
Softens hard landings, dampens, and adds side-to-side flexibility

Highback Rotation
0° to 12° of rotation places power where you like it

9Times Ankle Strap Positioning
You decide how much ankle support you want

Adjustable Toe and Heel Ramp
Customized fit to the length and shape of your boot

Cleared for strapping in quickly

QuickStrap.2 Technology
Tool-free strap length adjustment. Screw screws.

QuickLock Forward Lean
Tool-free forward lean adjustment