“I am all in on the Rasta NAS project” Tim Dutton.

Every NAS is handcrafted Near Canada in the USA at Mervin Mfg. the worlds most environmental snowboard factory. The POW Series with Magnetraction Serrated edges and ReCurve dynamic early rise camber rocker combination are designed by Mike Wilson, Jamie Pierre and Mt. Bakers Tory Bland and our experiMental division. Tested all over the world in all conditions the POWs excell on hardpack and ice where the Magnetraction and ReCurve work in harmony to provide incredible edge hold, easy turn initiation and lively carving. Of course they rip in powder and broken snow conditions the Dynamic early rise provides great float in both directions and the camber under foot keeps them popping and alive. Tim Dutton used them to win the 2009 World Freeski Championships and has done uncountable backflips on them since…”I am all in on the Rasta NAS project” Tim Dutton.

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