2011 Burton Snowboard Board facts and terminology

Get Aboard.
To help you narrow your selection, we have divided up the line into five tiers based on features and technology. “Get aboard” based on your performance needs, bankroll, and riding style.


Exotic materials manipulated to achieve the state of the snowboard art. We’ve got our own factory and in-house proto shop filled with customized board-building machinery, so when we want to make something, there’s nothing stopping us.

2011 Burton Method and 2011 Burton Vapor


Each year we push our ultra high-end technologies further in search of unmatched weight-savings, strength, and shredability.

2011 Burton Custom X, 2011 Burton T7, and 2011 Burton Fortress.


Setting the industry benchmark for performance with boards that are lighter, faster, and stronger for more air, quicker turns, and more fun no matter the terrain or conditions.

2011 Burton Custom, 2011 Burton Custom Flying V, 2011 Burton Fish, 2011 Burton Joystick, 2011 Burton Malolo, 2011 Burton Sherlock, 2011 Burton Supermodel, 2011 Burton TWC Pro, 2011 Burton Feelgood, and 2011 Burton Feelgood Flying V


Adding performance, speed, and strength while reducing weight, with results even a novice will immediately appreciate. You will find many of our team riders on these boards.

2011 Burton Hero, 2011 Burton Jeremy Jones, 2011 Burton Process, 2011 Burton Process V-Rocker, 2011 Burton Whammy Bar, 2011 Burton Blender, 2011 Burton Deja vu, 2011 Burton Deja vu V-Rocker, and 2011 Burton Lip-Stick.


2011 Burton Blunt, 2011 Burton Bullet, 2011 Burton Clash, 2011 Burton Deuce, 2011 Burton TWC Standard, 2011 Burton Feather, 2011 BurtonLux, Social, 2011 Burton After School Special, 2011 Burton Chopper, 2011 Burton Chicklet, 2011 Burton Custom Smalls V-Rocker, 2011 Burton Hero Smalls, 2011 Burton Feelgood Smalls V-Rocker, and 2011 Burton Shaun White Smalls

We begin where many competitors consider the top of the line. A great place to start, you’ll be riding the same boards as some of the best riders out there.

Did You Know?

bmc and our in-house proto shop

Staying ahead of snowboarding’s continuous evolution is made possible thanks to the Burton Manufacturing Center [BMC] and our in-house proto shop. Developing our own exclusive board-building machinery allows us to take an idea, create a proto, and then get it on snow the very next day. We can tweak and rebuild accordingly, sometimes creating hundreds of prototypes until our team’s standards are met. Test, refine, repeat. Instant feedback. Endless progression.


women’s-specific true fit design

Enjoy a more harmonious connection with Burton’s True Fit women’s boards, boots, and bindings. True Fit means that every element of every piece of your setup—from boot liners to lace guides, baseplate to strap designs, board shapes to flex profiles—has been designed and engineered for the way women ride. Because when it fits right, it rides better.

Factory Tuning.


We employ a robot [and a shit load of people] that go through great lengths to ensure every board we make is waxed, buffed, finessed, and shred-ready. Our microfinish process involves over 30 finishing steps, including a robotic edge tune and detune, that puts the right amount of sharpness and bevel to each board to ensure the perfect finish for all riding styles and conditions.

infinite ride

This Burton-exclusive technology allows us to maximize pop and strength by overbuilding the board, then putting it in a machine that breaks the board in for you. Whether you choose to ride rocker or camber, rest assured that with Infinite Ride™ your board will maintain its flex, pop, and feel from the first day forward, season after season. Infinite Ride—ensuring the core values for years to come.

enduro waxing process

After Microfinishing comes Enduro Waxing. Each board is waxed and hot-buffed for a shiny, super fast ride right out of the shop. Boards built at our manufacturing centers in both Vermont and Austria harness the glide and durability of a 5:1 eco-wax mix containing beeswax, carnauba, and soy oil.


2011 Burton Custom Binding Review

Check the finer details of the new 2011 Burton custom bindings

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All business. All over the mountain.

Setting the standard for total comfort and control, the Custom™ is a straight-laced assailant equipped with every shred essential. Tipping the scales on the light side, and built to survive nuclear winter, this year’s kit gets updated with the easy-going control of a soft, lightweight hi-back. Add an all-around buttery flex, supple Primo strap package, and cushioning throughout and you get one binding that always delivers.

+ BASEPLATE: Single-Component Lightweight, Bomb-Proof Polycarbonate
+ HI-BACK: NEW Ultra-Minimized Single-Component Hi-Back with MicroFLAD™
+ STRAPS: Primostrap™ and Primo Capstrap™
+ BUCKLES: Smooth Glide™ Buckles
+ CUSHIONING: EVA Baseplate Cushioning

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