Never Summer Heist Review

The Heist is a longer, drop-thru version of the Descent. This 41″ flex deck is preloaded with tons of camber and a lower center of gravity created by the drop-thru design. Very lively and responsive yet not overpowering, this is the elite in drop-thru flex decks. Double reinforced around the cut outs, Never Summer uses exclusive pressure plates and extra fiberglass to improve torsional response and durability. Includes 180mm trucks and NS Inferno 77mm/77a wheels. All this at an excellent price

Weight Ranges – Classic Flex: 100-180lbs Power Flex 160-240+lbs

Sector9 Tree Barrel Longboard Review

Since the Sidewinder trucks sit a bit high off the ground we decided to lower the board. To do this we use a flush mount drop through technique whereby the truck is assembled around the deck with the baseplate set into a recess on top of the board. This brings the board down to a more standard level while still allowing the trucks to perform their magic.

Deck: 8 Ply Maple – Drop Through – Flush Mount
Specs: 33.75″L x 8.25″W x 21.75″ WB
Trucks: Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks
Wheels: 69mm-80a Nineball Slalom Wheels
Bearings: Abec 5 Greaseball Bearings
Hardware Full Grip Tape w/ Die cut for logo, Drop Mount Hardware

Sector9 Sandwedge Longboard Review

The longest board of the series, the Sand Wedge is designed to give you the same sensitive turning ability but with a little more wheel base for cleaner more drawn out turns. All the boards in this series come assembled with 69mm Nineball slalom wheels for the extra grip you need to pull you through the turns these boards are capable of.

Deck: 38.5″ L x 9.10″ W. 8 Ply Concave Maple / Flush Mount-Drop Through Mount
Trucks: Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks
Wheels: 69mm 9-Ball Slalom Wheels (75a or 80a)
Bearings: Greaseball Bearings: Abec 5
Hardware: Full Grip Tape w/ Die Cut for Logo, 1.5″ Bolt Pack

Sector9 Carbonite Double Longboard Review

Deck: 5 Ply Maple – Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass
Drop Through Top Mount
Specs: 41.0″ L x 9.25″ W x 31.125″ WB
Trucks: 9.5″ Gullwing Stalker Trucks
Patented Vibration Dampening System
Black Rubberized Coated Finish
Wheels: 74mm / 78a Race Formula Wheels
Bearings: Black Ball Ceramic Race Bearings
Hardware: Clear Grit Riding Surface
Top and Bottom Graphic, Custom Bolt Pack