Flow ICS Channel EST Adapter Disk

Now you can ride the Burton ICS Channel snowboards with flow bindings
Flow Channel Disk for compatibility with Burton channel-system boards.
Click Here to Get Your 2011 ICS EST Adapter Disk for Flight, H and M Series Flow Bindings

Click Here to Get Your 2011 ICS EST Adapter Disk for M6 Flow Bindings

+ Only use this product with Flow Flite, H-series and M-series bindings.
+ Only use this product on Burton snowboards with the channel-system.
+ Only use this product with the provided hardware.
+ Align arrow on Flow binding with markers on the disk for preferred stance-angle.
+ Spot the stance-width markers on the board through center hole on the disk.
+ Use the 3 hardware positions to center and adjust binding to toe or heel edge.
+ Tighten the hardware firmly and enjoy your Flow bindings!

Shoreline of Tahoe X-Game Commerical

This ad ended up 23% Corney then any of our other commericals. watch and see for yourself, it’s cheezy. The funny thing is many people have commented on seeing it, which means that now they will come into Shoreline with buckets of money to buy Skis and Snowboards they Saw on the X-games. How about a Helmet that explodes off your head while riding in a half Pipe….Oh Sorry Shaun White already bought that one.

Mervin Manufacturing B-grade Snowboards now avaliable

A B-Grade snowboard is a snowboard that has a cosmetic or other blemish that does not adversely affect how the board rides. B-Grades come with the same manufacturers warranty as regular retail models. The B-Grade or Factory seconds are priced 20% Off the regular price, Buy yours now, because just like last year, all the great Mervin snowboards are selling out.

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Model BTX Pointy B-Grade

Lib Tech Skate Banana B-Grade

Lib Tech Skate Banana Narrow B-Grade

Lib Tech Skate Banana Wide B-Grade

Lib Tech Skunk Ape BTX B-Grade

Lib Tech 1986 Snow Mullet BTX B-Grade

Gnu Billy Goat C2 BTX B-Grade

Gnu Danny Kass Split Personality C2 BTX B-Grade

Gnu Women’s B-Nice BTX B-Grade

Gnu Youth Girl’s B-Pro Mini BTX B-Grade

Roxy Women’s Ollie Pop BTX B-Grade

Shoreline Of Tahoe Mid Winter Sale

Shoreline Of Tahoe, Lake Tahoe’s alternative ski & snowboard shop. Is so into the ski/snowboard scene that we buy new stock all year long, so we can offer new stock on sale during the season. This year we have made some great buys from, K2, Full Tilt, Mervin and Burton. Stop on by and save. The 20% off is good only in store, K2 Skis and Full Tilt Ski Boots are on sale online.