Salomon Team Riders Nominated for Every Category in TWSnow Rider’s Poll Awards

riderspolllogo_2009[1]And the nominees are:

Rookie Of The Year
Jed Anderson–Salomon
Ben Bilocq
Halldór Helgason
Sebastien Toutant

Men’s Rider Of The Year
John Jackson
Pat Moore
Bode Merrill—Salomon and Bonfire
Gigi Rüf

Women’s Rider Of The Year
Annie Boulanger–Salomon
Marie-France Roy
Torah Bright

Men’s Video Part Of The Year
Bode Merrill (Neverland)–Salomon and Bonfire
John Jackson (Forever)
Gigi Rüf (Neverland)

Women’s Video Part Of The Year
Annie Boulanger (Neverland)–Salomon
Marie-France Roy (Neverland)
Torah Bright (Stance)

Video Of The Year
Neverland/Absinthe Films (Sponsored by Salomon)
Videograss/Videograss (Sponsored By Bonfire & Salomon)

Standout Of The Year
Xavier De Le Rue —Hair-raising, big-mountain lines in Alaska.
Louis-Felix Paradis—New rail variations.–Salomon and Bonfire
Chas Guldemond —Contest clean-up.

Reader’s Choice: Men’s and Women’s Nominees TBA

Snowing, Snowboarding, and Robin Trower

This is an eerie vid clip made all the more eerie with the back ground music from Robin Trower. This shows my age, Robin Trower is known to be one of the 70′s best guitar players. I haven’t smoked pot in over 20 years now, but this music almost brings back the high. Just slought back in a chair, make you eyes like slits, and travel back in time with Robin Trower to the 70′s…Hold on here, Snowboarding wasn’t around in the 70′s I’ve mixed and rewritten history in Shoreline’s image. Wow that was very post modern of me!