Trevor Snowden, designs the “Trevair chair”

Trevair Chair

Trevair Chair

I’ve known Trevor Snowden since he was 14 Years old. He continues to impress me with his positive attitude towards Life. Sure he has some ups and downs, we all do, but he eventually sees the positive in most all situations. Taken the fact that, he’s been in a wheel chair for the past 12 years. Trevor Snowden was competing in a “big air” snowboarding competition at Snow Qualomy Pass. In the middle of doing his backside 360, Trevor turned around to see that he was doing to big an air, he jumped way past the landing and broke his back – so severely, in fact, that his spinal nerves were severed entirely. This inconvenience only slowed him up. Trevor now praises God for his situation because if he hadn’t ended up in a wheel chair, he wouldn’t of ever designed the “Trevair Chair”  The Trevair Chair is changing lives,  it handles like driving a Suzuki Samurai versus a Cadillac.  The design also offers a more simplistic appearance, is better for travel and more lightweight, on top of the fact that it’s less expensive and made in America.  So spread the word there is a better chair.

Shoreline of Tahoe becomes an authorized online Maui Jim Retailer

Maui_Jim_Authorized_Retailer_ShorelineShoreline of Tahoe is one of a very small group of Authorized Maui Jim Online Retailer.
Want to try on Maui Jim sunglasses?
An authorized retailer can help you find the pair that’s right for you based on your unique facial characteristics, style, fit and performance needs plus offer adjustments and after-care.
Looking to buy online?
Be sure to look for this symbol. When you see it, you know you’re visiting an authorized online dealer offering 100% authentic Maui Jims. It’s your assurance that you’re getting the real deal.

Ride Snowboards Wedgie Footbed Technology

Added Pop and Support, A Better Way to Ride
Unlike the wedgies you may have received in junior high, this Wedgie will provide the added benefit of support and control, allowing you to ride longer and harder, all the while leaving your skivvies in tact. Years of experience developing our Custom Balance™ Footbed led us to the ideal angles for specific riding styles and stances. The Wedgie is an ultra-light footbed that uses subtle angles to align the ankles and knees to a more natural and comfortable position. The angle also gives leverage to press the board for huge pop, without affecting your preferred stance width.

NEW! Wedgie 1.5
Wedgie 1.5 offers a subtle amount of angle to provide the perfect mix of comfort and lateral support for the advancing rider.

NEW! Wedgie 2.5
Provides the ideal angle for advanced freestyle riders looking for that extra pop. If you are riding a rocker board, you’ll especially appreciate getting some added pop with 2.5.

NEW! Wedgie 3.0
The best angle for the advanced all-terrain rider looking for extra control, drive and pop.

NEW! Wedgie 4.0
Offers the maximum angle for those riders looking for the utmost drive and ollie pop. Ideal for those who rock the extra wide stance.

Shoreline of Tahoe Employee Fishing adventure 2009

FishingHoping to do this most every year, thanks Lenard for a great time Fishing. We caught a total of 25 fish that morning. Lenard O’Malley is one of the best Tahoe fishing guilds, with over 30 years experience, there is hardly ever a day he goes home empty handed. Give a call 775-588-4102…you’ll be catching fish, hearing some very old jokes and eating your fill of trout.

“Droppin” the new snowboarding movie from First Tracks Productions WORLD PREMIERE

Droppin'_-_premiere_web_posterFirst Tracks Productions new snowboarding movie, Droppin’, will premiere
in the Showroom at Montbleu Resort and Casino on Friday, September 25th.

The premiere is FREE/ALL AGES.

Doors open at 7:30 with the show starting at 8pm. Raffle for a
Sierra-at-Tahoe Season Pass, a new snowboard, and a lot more.

After-party with live music at Opal for 21+.

Come check out Droppin’ and get stoked for the big winter that’s on the way!