Air Trekkers Jumping Stilts Review

airtrekkersShoreline of Tahoe has been selling Jumping stilts off and on for the last 4 years. Originally invented and patented by German engineer Alexander Boeck, Air-Trekkers or Powerisers are a spring-loaded stilt that you safely strap onto each leg. Once strapped on, you stand 14″ to 18″ taller, with 3 foot long, space-age, carbon-fiber springs attached to each of your legs.   Now you are ready run or jump further and higher than you ever had before. By means of compression and deflection, similar to a trampoline, the spring accumulates, stores,  and returns the amount of energy you put into it. It turns your whole world into one big trampoline. The harder you press down – the more energy you accumulate – the bigger the return. Once you feel comfortable on your Air Trekkers, push the limits, because you’ll be on the ultimate set of technologically advanced, spring loaded cyberstilts in the world. Poweriser jumping stilts were the first brand we sold. Powerisers are a great brand and can still be found from time to time, but Air Trekkers have taken over as the leading jumping stilt here in the USA. If you noticed, the designs are very similar, but Air Trekkers offer more spring range. The spring range is an important thing to determine before you buy yourself a pair. Generally, we believe that you should buy a pair within your spring weight category. If you are near the top of a weight category then go up to the next category.  Now, if you are an aggressive extreme action sports fanatic with a trampoline background and think you would be ready to perform tricks like back flips and huge air jumps fairly soon, then consider buying the weight category one or even two sizes up. Seriously! They’ll be stiff at first but once you really get used to them you’ll be glad you went for the stronger springs. Shoreline will be offering a chance to demo a pair of Air Trekkers this Summer in Lake Tahoe. So if you find yourself in the Tahoe area, look us up at the Heavenly Village Gondola area.

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