South Tahoe Skate Park’s ugly step child BMX

The South Lake Tahoe skate park’s ugly step child, the BMX rider can be seen regularly at the skate park, like most step children they are a misunderstood group that seeks a place to call home. I know first hand way back in the day they were not allowed at the park. The city officials didn’t know if they could share the same space without increased risk of injury? Would the bikes damage the park? Over time I think the policy has been modified, or at least the city turns a blind eye to the riders. The truth is these ugly step children rip! Shortly after a rain storm passed through, I meet up with “Dillon” who had the park all to himself. South Tahoe Skate skate park’s ugly step child is out of the back room and given the best seat at the table.

Adam “Knievel” Neil GOES BIG, on his Bike.

The first of a few jumps from our good buddy, Adam “Knievel” Neil.  Yea like Adam is…in his 40′s and decided to take up downhill mountain biking….Fearless if you ask me. As most people his age are complaining about getting old, Adam steps up and delivers big clean airs on his bike. Adam and his family are big supporters of the USSA (United States Snowboard Association). His whole family ends up at Nationals every year. Keep the shiny side up Adam…

Joanna “PNUT” Dzierzawski, Shoreline Team Rider, may win $20,000 on a video challenge

jo-team-copy11JOANNA “PNUT” DZIERZAWSKI, Shoreline Team Rider, may win $20,000 on a video challenge. Go online to help her out by leaving a comment on her video. Here’s a link,  Vote Pnut and tell your friends to vote. It takes two seconds to register…. and there are stars underneath the video! Leave a comment if you want. I watched a few of the vids on the site, and I truly think she has a good chance to score some cash, become famous, move to Hollywood, meet Brad Pit, beat up that woman with the big lips, have tabloid gossip mags, ask her about gay marriage, then star in a made for TV movie about her rise to fame…..yea, so vote, and as the say in Chicago “Make sure to vote and vote often.”

$$$ Generous Reward for Stolen Ski Chair $$$


Does anyone know who took our ski chair???  This chair was built by the owner of our shop in the 1980′s and we miss it badly.  It was taken a couple of weeks back from our flagship store at 259 Kingsbury Grade Stateline, NV.  If anyone has any information about the chair or could return it to us we would really appreciate it.  We will gladly offer you a reward for your trouble.  This kind of behavior really surprises me.  I would like to think there are still some decent people on this earth but when things like this happen it really makes me wonder.  KARMA WILL CATCH UP WITH THESE PEOPLE!