Chase Guldemon Superpipe run at the Northstar Dew tour

At the young age of only 20, Guldemond has already been snowboarding for 12 years. Competing in the junior USSA competitions while growing up in New Hampshire, his objective to better his snowboarding led him to Lake Tahoe, CA. Soon thereafter he found himself competing with his idols, the pros, taking 3rd in the 2007 Vail Session, 2nd at the Burton Abominable Snow Jam and most recently took 1st in the 2007 Australian Open. Chas was a nominee for Transworld Snowboarding?s 2006 “Rookie of the Year” and “Stand out of the Year” awards. Last season, Chas filmed for Catch the Vapors by Standard Films where he produced an amazing video part for his first time filming in the major leagues.

Corporate Snowboards still suck!

2009-ski-show-073-copyThe Snowboard industry is a funny one, some times you have to just laugh at the hippies. Take this Idea of some grass root movement that is all the rage in snowboarding, yet it never went “corporate” some how keep pure to the love of the sport…if that existed we wouldn’t know about it. Corporate means cor?po?rate?–adjective
1. of, for, or belonging to a corporation or corporations: a corporate executive; She considers the new federal subsidy just corporate welfare.
2. forming a corporation.
3. pertaining to a united group, as of persons: the corporate good.
4. united or combined into one.

If there is a good idea that you want to get made and sold in market, forming a corporation is a good way to do it. I laugh at some hippy snowboarders because they seem to think these boards grow on trees.  The effort to design, make, distribute, and sell takes a whole year of hard corporate work.  A few years ago we sold gloves from a company that was so anti-corporation, that the next year when we placed our order they lost it, blame us, and never shipped us our gloves…now that is as  unincorporated as it gets.

Jeff Brushie one of a kind, and ahead of his time…

jeffblogMeet meek mild mannered Jeff Brushie, now the mellow man, married with two lovely kids. Jeff has moved on from snowboarding, but still has his hand in on judging events. For the past few years Xgames has used him to as one of the main superpipe judges. This year the Dew tour used him in both events, slopestyle and superpipe.
If you get a chance to see some footage of Jeff Brushie back in the day, you’ll see the for-shadowing of tricks. Jeff remains one of the stylish rider ever, in any era. Mr. Smooth to you, he was one of the consistent riders who brought snowboarding to the next level. You could still better your riding byseeing him ride. He wife Greta could teach most riders a thing or two too. I can’t wait to see how well their kids ride….