Greg Bretz’s Superpipe run at the Winter Dew Tour

Kinda like the Mozart of snowboarding, Greg began at the age of 5 and started competing at age 10. Taking all of his opponents off guard, he added two World Cup podiums and his first World Cup win to his resume in his first season. His first snowboard was given to him from his father who worked for lift maintenance at Mammoth Mountain. It seemed to fit him better than a pair of skis ever could so he stuck with it. In his free time Greg skateboards and dirtbikes — his mind never strays from sports. He doesn’t have a favorite movie, a favorite band, or a favorite TV show, but some of his favorite athletes are Tara Dakides, Keegan Valaika, and Travis Parker. Watch out for this kid, he just turned 18 and shows no sign of slowing down.

Mason Aguirre’s Superpipe run at the Winter Dew Tour


Mason Aguirre and his family moved to Mammoth Lakes, CA when he was in the 8th grade so he could focus on snowboarding. The move paid off, at the age of 15 Mason became pro and now he’s on fire! He’s nailed the requisite back-to-back 1080s, and his off-axis 9s and smooth, lofty style set him apart for the rest of the pack.
In 2006 Mason landed a spot on the prestigious US Olympic team, and he got the chance to stepped up his game in Torino. He came through with a noteworthy 4th place finish in superpipe, but being there was a dream come true for Mason and he was proud to represent the American team.
Family plays a big part in Mason career. His older sister Molly is also a fellow pro snowboarding and they both share a spot on the Burton team. It is having that family support that continues to motivate Mason and encourages him to bring it up to another level!
When he isn’t riding or spending time with his family, Mason enjoys playing golf, skateboarding and playing his guitar.

Andy Finch’s Superpipe run at the Winter Dew Tour

From World Cup events, to the X Games, to the US Open, Andy does it all, and perfects halfpipe riding as the world knows it. Andy is a consistent competitor that all riders watch out for in the halfpipe.
California native Andy Finch started out as an SBX racer because his local mountain didn’t have a halfpipe. Now a standard in the pipe finals, Finch is known for his fearless style and impressive arsenal of inverted tricks. His aggressive no-holds-bared approach to snowboarding has garnered him the nickname of ‘Pitbull.’

Washed up old South Lake Tahoe Snowboarders

southshoresnowboardledgins1An unplanned reunion of some of the South Lake Tahoe snowboarding pioneers happen at the inaugural ULLR’S Jib Jam at Lakeside Inn & Casino. Pictured here Eric V Skate Park builder, Randy Walters former Pro Snowboarder turned carpenter, Bob Daly founder of Shoreline of Tahoe, and Jimmy Halopoff of the South shore soldiers Ski & Snowboard camp. The event was a blast, Ullr the Nors god of snow must of wanted to jib because the weather was great! Jimmy was invited to judge the event which had over 70 skiers and snowboarders.

Washed up old South Lake Tahoe Snowboarders still come out to encourage the next generation. Those of us who pioneered snowboarding here in Tahoe are amazed at where the sport has been and where it is going. One thing for sure is there is no end in sight. These new riders keep pushing the limits, and I think that is what draws us old guys to these events to see what is next. There is some ownership to being the first snowboarders to do all we did. Until snowboarding becomes flat with no new horizons you can expect washed up old South Lake Tahoe Snowboarders to still stop by and check out the scene.

Joanna Dzierzawski wins Nikita Chikita at Mammoth

Some 70 girls descended on Mammoth’s South Park on Saturday for the 5 th annual Nikita Chikita pro-am jam. It was a good showing. Always good to see more and more girls getting out on the hill.  Competitors dropped in either the Pro or Am competitions and the field was split pretty much evenly between the two categories. Each girl got two runs, top five from each group advanced and then met for one final run. The course consisted of two jump lines. The micro-groms took to the 5-to-10 foot mini-table line, while the rest of the girls had their way with the 25-to-40 foot tables, down rails, donkey-out boxes, and the finale wallride.  Not gonna lie. There were a lot of windows rolled down, flailed straight airs and nasty knuckles. They were going for it. And any disappointments in execution were out shined by every girls give ‘er attitude.

In the end it was Shoreline of Tahoe team rider Joanna Dzierzawski who took top honors in the pro division.  Joanna Dzierzawski who lives in South Lake Tahoe, Rides also for  Heavenly Ski resort, Ride, Smith, 686, Heavenly, Vestal, Ride Lake Tahoe, Aloe Up, Delta 9, Celtek, Skull Candy, First Tracks Productions. Nikita riders Vera Janssen and Madison Blakely finished second and third respectively. And New Hampshire’s own le femme Nikita Colleen Quigley won the best trick award for her fully-laid out back flip. And while the Pro girls walked away with cash the ams were battling for the chance to get sponsed. Marley Colt, a 17-year old from Utah, took the am contest and earned herself a one-year sponsorship from Nikita.  “To me the best part was to see all the girls I haven’t seen in a year. I definitely didn’t come to win, I just came to hang out and bust some moves on the dance floor!” said Nikita rider Magalie Dubois.

1.Joanna Dzierawski
2. Vera Janssen
3. Madison Blackley

Marley Colt
Elle Kaylor
Priscilla Lee

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