The History of Rome Snowboards

Rome Snowboards History

Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate (more commonly known as Rome SDS or simply Rome) is a relatively new snowboard manufacturer located in Waterbury, VT. It was founded in 2001 by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz. Before this, the two worked together in marketing and product development at Burton.

Reid and Maravetz decided to team up with snowboarders like Jonaven Moore, whose stunts are popular amongst advanced snowboarders. Other well-known Rome snowboarders include Marie-France Roy, Marius Otterstad, Bjorn Leines, Max Legend, Casey Neefus and Jesse Fox.

Rome started out selling snowboards and accessories, and over the years has introduced new lines of merchandise such as bindings for the winter of 2005/2006. They introduced their first line of snowboard boots in the 2007/2008 season, and new to the 2008/2009 winter, Outerwear.

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