“My own two Feet”

Leeward Cinema’s My own two feet snowboarding documentary is the surprise hit DVD of 2008-09 season. The Idea behind this Documentary? Where ever our feet will take us is what we’ll ride & film. While watching this flick, keep that that in mind. If a rider hiked a mile up, and for some reason they missed the shot, back up to the top they went. I think what liked best about this film was, that in addition great riding, the riders are the best of the best who took time out from their snowmobiles, and Helicopters and used their own two feet. With this hurry up and get it done world we live in, it nice to see them actually their their time, and enjoy themselves. Sure this could be a capping on the green bandwagon appeal, but it really doesn’t play that way, more about quality time. Riders like Jeremy Jones Chris Demolski Erik Leines Tom Burt Dave Downing Barrett Christy Eddie Wall and much more made this a great Documentary.

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