Burton 28L Zoom Camera Pack Pack

Burton 28L Zoom Camera Bag

Burton 28L Zoom Camera Bag

This is the action sport photography bag that can help get the shot. I’m finally old enough to be the cameraman, and am I having a blast! The Burton 28L Zoom back back will make getting the equipment to the action ease. keep your equipment safe and dry.

“My own two Feet”

Leeward Cinema’s My own two feet snowboarding documentary is the surprise hit DVD of 2008-09 season. The Idea behind this Documentary? Where ever our feet will take us is what we’ll ride & film. While watching this flick, keep that that in mind. If a rider hiked a mile up, and for some reason they missed the shot, back up to the top they went. I think what liked best about this film was, that in addition great riding, the riders are the best of the best who took time out from their snowmobiles, and Helicopters and used their own two feet. With this hurry up and get it done world we live in, it nice to see them actually their their time, and enjoy themselves. Sure this could be a capping on the green bandwagon appeal, but it really doesn’t play that way, more about quality time. Riders like Jeremy Jones Chris Demolski Erik Leines Tom Burt Dave Downing Barrett Christy Eddie Wall and much more made this a great Documentary.

Heavenly Valley Ski Resort to Open November 28Th

Can they do It? I say YES, once again with their intense snow making capabilities an a few cold nights boom! your open….If your in Tahoe over the thanksgiving Holiday stop on by our shop under the Heavenly Gondola on your way up the mountain for any last minutes items you may need to make your day at Heavenly perfect.

Shaun Palmer Needs your Help, needs your Burton C14 Large High Backs

Shaun Palmer USA World cup Boarder cross Racer is searching the world for some Burton C14 Large High Backs. The Burton C14 High back was a solid high back without any cut outs, very stiff and not that well liked as an all mountain binding, but as a boarder cross binging there’re great! The problem is shaun can’t find them anymore, you see Burton doesn’t make their Carbon High back solid anymore, so Palm is appealing to anybody who may have a pair just sitting in their garage. Just think your old bindings may make it to the Olympics in 2010…please contact us if you can help….an old snowboarder is a terrible thing to waste.

If you have a pair of Burton C14 highbacks please contact us at info@shorelineoftahoe.com
Shoreline of Tahoe